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Exercise of the Day - One-Arm Dumbbell Row

One-Arm Dumbbell Row

· Grasp the dumbbell (DB) with a closed neutral grip.

· Pull back the shoulders, Keep neck in line with a flat back position & focus on the floor a short distance ahead of the feet.

· Allow the DB to hang at full elbow extension. All repetitions begin from this position.

· Begin by pulling the DB up toward the torso; keep a straight wrist (Do not curl the DB upward or inward).


· DO NOT swing or jerk the upper body upward to help raise the DB. (This is an ERROR that many people make! You are not "starting a lawnmower.")

· Pull up DB until it touches the right side of the upper chest or rib cage area ; at the highest DB position the right elbow will be higher than the torso (when seen from the side).

· Lower the DB slowly/under control to the starting position. DO NOT allow the DB to jerk the arm down.